Our Team

Mark Lanteigne is the founder and chief technical strategist for Third I/O.  Previously, he was co-founder and Director of Testing for Medusa Labs. Mark guided Medusa’s world renowned testing program from its conception and later through a successful acquisition by Finisar Corporation.   In 2004, Mark decided to venture back to his entrepreneurial roots and started Third I/O to explore revolutionary ideas in high speed bandwidth and supercomputing.

Prior to joining Medusa, Mark worked at Dell Computer where he quickly rose to the level of Lead Senior Analyst in the Enterprise Server Development Lab.   He made major contributions to Dell's entry into enterprise server development by serving as product test leader for the early  PowerEdge servers.  Mark currently has 9 US patents pending.

David Schinke is Third I/O’s resident code guru.   David has the well deserved reputation of being able to take any creative thought and create code that will quickly prove or disprove the merits of the idea.

David and Mark first met at Medusa, where David was one of the early and key employees.   At Medusa, David was instrumental in a number of test tool and advanced software projects, as well as being the in-house Unix/Linux guru and instructor in Infiniband.

David’s early success was from working at Lucent technologies where he was active in a number of areas, including development of optical communication components, development of UNIX software, and development and deployment of ISDN components. David received a Ph.D. in physics from The University of Kansas. While at Lucent, David acquired several skills, which have been of great benefit in many areas of test and development.   Dave has been awarded 6 US patents and currently has five pending.

Chunyan “Lisa” Wei is our chief Linux guru and senior programmer.  Lisa is the primary caretaker of our development across multiple generations of the Linux kernel.  Lisa also previously worked at Medusa Labs, where she was responsible for target mode test applications and general Linux development.

Lisa has had a versatile career in the tech industry, with a strong emphasis in both the testing and development side of networking,  storage and telecommunications equipment.  She has held senior programming positions at several reputable firms, including Motorola.

Lisa is our most scholarly team member with a Ph.D. in astrophysics and a Masters in Computer Science.  Lisa currently has two patents pending.

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